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Caliber Investment Group, LLC is a privately owned and independently operated boutique registered investment advisory firm located in Farmington, Connecticut. We offer private portfolio management and investment advisory to individual, institutional and corporate clients. 

The firm is solely a fee-only asset manager and advisor. Our only compensation comes from our clients. We strive to maintain the highest ethical standards and practice full disclosure with our clients to minimize any conflicts of interest. We manage our client's assets carefully and wealth preservation is of utmost importance.

Caliber Investment Group is a unique company that seeks to understand the complex economic environment in our ever-changing global world. We offer cutting edge alternative investment solutions, which is aligned with current and future market trends. Our firm is one of the few in the country that specializes in crisis investing. We acknowledge issues like peak oil, excessive government debt, stock market bubble and the serious consequences of currency crisis through quantitative easing that may result in hyperinflation or debasement. Our forward thinking approach, solutions to difficult issues and ability to manage our clients' assets proactively offers an alternative for serious investors seeking a higher investment standard.