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Education Series



Welcome to our education series designed specifically to introduce and develop critical thinking on important subjects and topics facing investors today. Our first topic begins with investor education. It will give you an overview and a solid understanding of the differences between stockbrokers, investment advisors and financial planners. We believe whether you are an individual, corporate, or institutional investor, understanding how the investment services industry operates and having access to unbiased advice will be crucial to your success.       

Our next few subjects will require your undivided attention, time and focus. Our main goal here is to provide you with a general understanding of how the economy works, and awareness of critical issues such as excessive government debt, inflation, hyperinflation and peak oil looking forward. Just like events of the past that took even the most seasoned investment professionals, economists, and investors by surprise, the issues you are about to explore may have a significant impact on your investments and savings in the future. They also have the potential to dwarf the economic declines of the past. 

We have researched the documentaries and informational videos in the education series. We believe they come from credible sources and are historically accurate. Some of the views or opinions expressed may not reflect the views or opinions of Caliber Investment Group. Our ultimate goal is to make you think and we always welcome any questions or comments you may have. We strongly believe that awareness and understanding of these significant issues will give you an important edge as you invest and protect your assets going forward.