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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What really makes Caliber Investment Group different from the rest?

When you take a closer look at many brokerage, wealth management and financial advisory firms, you notice most have very similar messages. They consistently promote optimism in any market condition through simple asset allocation, and buy and hold strategies. They base their marketing approach on selling dreams and a 'things are going to be better' philosophy instead of educating clients about real issues that can affect their investments and savings. Investors are also beginning to realize that many advisors are simply sales people with limited investment knowledge. These salespeople are mainly interested in gathering assets without giving too much thought to the serious problems our global economy faces and offering real solutions. This is not the advisor's fault. The problem lies within the culture of the companies they represent.


Our approach is different because we look at conditions as they are, and provide insight and solutions that help protect our client's assets from severe economic decline and serious inflationary threats. Our goal is to increase your wealth in both good and bad times. We try to educate our clients about real issues even if they are unpopular or difficult to understand. We simply offer an alternative for investors tired of the same cookie cutter approach.  

As an investor, why would it be important to do business with a private firm?

Most publicly traded brokerage firms, insurance firms, banks, and investment companies have a major disadvantage because at the end of the day, they report to their shareholders who demand maximized profits. We think this eventually decreases quality in investment management and advice because the client is no longer the focus. As a private firm having full control over the decisions we make, we strongly believe in fair profits as opposed to maximized profits. We believe this helps to minimize bias and reduce conflicts of interest. Our primary focus is our clients' trust because they represent our most important asset. 

Do you hold any client assets?

No. Caliber Investment Group uses different custodians and service providers to hold client assets. Our clients always have control and access over their assets at all times.  

Do you manage assets discretionary or non-discretionary?

We currently manage all of our portfolios in a non-discretionary manner. This means that the client has to confirm any trades or portfolio changes first before going forward.

Do you offer financial planning services?

Because our focus and core business is investment management and investment advisory services, we do not currently offer formal comprehensive financial planning to our clients. However, we do provide limited financial planning within the scope of our client's needs such as retirement or education planning. We can identify our client's further needs and refer them to a qualified financial planner to help with any in-depth issues such as complex tax strategies, estate planning, and insurance needs. We always recommend a fee-only financial planner who is an active member of NAPFA and holds any of the following designations: CFP (Certified Financial Planner), ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant), or CPA with the Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designation.