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Private Portfolio Management


Caliber Investment Group is committed to providing our clients with comprehensive and innovative investment management using the latest techniques such as true asset allocation and macro market timing. We separate ourselves from other firms by researching different possible economic scenarios that can affect the overall performance of our investment portfolios in today's and the future's challenging market environments. We focus our attention on protecting our managed portfolios from market down turns and market volatility. Through careful diversification and proactive portfolio management, we offer an alternative solution for our concerned clients.

True asset allocation goes beyond the traditional asset allocation programs utilized by many investment companies. It involves alternative investment classes such as managed futures, commodities, foreign real estate, foreign currency, and precious metals. Macro market timing allows an additional layer of market downside protection by adjusting portfolio risk exposure according to current economic trends and cycles. These adjustments help protect our client's assets during market downturns such as what occurred in 2000-2002 and 2008.   

Our investment approach also involves proactive, strategic, and tactical methods. Our strategic approach positions our clients' portfolios according to our projections concerning future investment opportunities. Our approach also helps protect clients' assets from a possible currency crisis resulting in hyperinflation. Our tactical methods include rebalancing when appropriate, or moving towards a conservative position in case of a severe market decline due to situations such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or geo-political events. 

Investment Portfolios

We utilize a core portfolio strategy with multiple asset class approach. This strategy allows more efficiency and offers greater diversification in difficult market conditions. We hedge all of our portfolios for added protection from higher than normal inflation or in a hyperinflation scenario. By being a true, open architecture investment advisory firm, we have access to many different, unlimited, traditional and non-traditional investment options. We can recommend an effective investment portfolio based on our client's risk profile, time horizon, tax profile, and income needs. We currently offer four different managed portfolios according to our client's risk profile.

  • Ultra Conservative Portfolio
  • Conservative Portfolio
  • Moderate Portfolio
  • Aggresive Portfolio