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Investment & Advisory Services


Caliber Investment Group offers two programs of investment and advisory services to our clients. Our Private Portfolio Management is for clients seeking professional investment asset management for an annual fee based on total assets under management. Our Investment Advisory is for clients seeking investment advice according to an hourly or fixed fee. All of our programs include strategies to help protect our client's assets from higher than normal inflation and possible hyperinflation scenarios.    

Private Portfolio Management

We offer our Private Portfolio Management program for clients seeking diversified and proactive asset management. Our client accounts are held with Scottrade Advisor Services, which provides brokerage custodial services for IRA, taxable, trust, corporate, and institutional accounts. For individual clients seeking additional tax benefits after exhausting all their tax-deferred and tax-free options, we work with Ameritas Advisor Services, which offers a no-load variable annuity investment account. 

Precious Metals Advisory

Precious Metals offers our clients an important asset class for added diversification and protection for investment portfolios and cash. Our advisory will help our clients determine the percentage of their assets they should allocate in precious metals. We will also explain hedging techniques. In addition, we will help our clients understand the advantages and disadvantages of different ways to invest in precious metals. We offer advice about exchange-traded funds (ETFs), gold and silver bullion, gold certificates, and precious metals mining stocks. 

Cash Advisory

Whether your investments are in money markets, certificate of deposits (CD), or simply cash, our Cash Advisory will help you maximize your return and help protect your wealth from excessive inflation by hedging your cash assets. We also help our clients to find best CD rates through FDIC- insured brokered CDs, local or online banks. We help our corporate, institutional and individual clients who are working with larger accounts to insure up to 50 million dollars of FDIC-insured CDs in one convenient account through the CDARS program.

Education Investment Advisory

Our Education Plan Advisory helps our clients choose the best solution for saving for college costs. With the enormous costs associated with higher education, a solid investment plan is critical. We will analyze different college savings vehicles such as 529 Plans, UGMA, UTMA, and Education IRA's to determine the best option, and help you with your investment choices. 

Retirement Investment Advisory

Whether you have a 401(k), 403(b), pension plan, or other qualified plan, we will evaluate your positions and advise how to best diversify and allocate your investments within the retirement plan. Most plans are restrictive and limit your investment choices. If appropriate and beneficial, you may be able to roll over your account to your personal IRA allowing you access to unlimited investment choices and better diversification options.